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My Pipes

This is sort of a quick & relatively dirty webpage that I made up to show my pipes. I don't have a large collection of expensive pipes. Most of my pipes were very cheap, I guess the most expensive one was the Kirsten. In the past year or so I have begun a hobby of attempting to refurbish old, used estate pipes, which you can see if you look me up on eBay. Since I have begun my new sub-hobby of pipe refurbishing, I have learned a lot about maintaining my own pipes and keeping them in good condition. This page is not meant as a brag or anything like that; I don't really have anything to brag about. Someday maybe I can afford to start collecting more expensive pipes, but for now, these do well for me and I generally have no complaints.

If you would like to contact me to comment on anything you see here (especially if you have some interesting historical information and such), please email me at .

The Primary Rotation

(In no particular order of preference).

Ben Wade Chesham #6

Irish Second

Italian Kaywoodie

Italian unknown bent

Italian unknown sandblast

Kaywoodie author #31B

Kaywoodie Lovat #90

Kaywoodie Tall Bowl H7

Kaywoodie Yacht Export

Kirsten Horizon

Smokemaster Series 300

Velani #69

Velani #67

Velani Fumata #75

Velani Octagon

Weber Oom Paul