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Smokemaster Series 300

I don't know for sure who made the Smokemaster line, but I suspect Sparta may have had something to do with it. This is another pipe that I got from that Blue Ridge place, and may have been the most expensive pipe I got from there. I remember thinking, "This had better be a damn good pipe for fifteen dollars." Heh. The Smokemaster line was made with a gimmick stem. It had a special fitment in it that held a pipe cleaner. You would take a regulation length pipe cleaner, bend it over exactly in the middle, and insert the two ends into the stem. So you were using a pipe cleaner for your filter. I actually smoked it like this for a while, then quit using the cleaner. Eventually I accidentally sat on the pipe and broke the stem, so I took it to the shop and had a traditional replacement made for it. This has always been one of my old standbys. I got this pipe when I was still smoking aromatics, and after diligent reaming and lots of smoking, finally got it converted over to non-aromatics. This was the other of the 2 pipes that I took with me while truck driving, and it stood up well to multiple bowls of heavy latakia blends like C&D's Morning Camp. Lately I have mostly used it for lighter Perique blends like C&D's Haunted Bookshop and Bayou Morning.