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Italian Unknown Sandblast

On the day my son was born (after he was born and there wasn't much left to do), my wife got tired of me hanging around the hospital and told me to go take a break. "Go get something to eat," she said, "drive around for a while or something and come back later." I ended up back at the local shop, where I spent a couple of hours poring over the cheap pipe rack and finally picked out this one. The only 'blast in my collection, it has always been a fine pipe which I have smoked only latakia in. It has an odd quirk of seeming to impart a slight hint of chocolate to anything smoked in it, which I do not find objectionable. After my purchase, the clerk told me to choose a pipeful of tobacco for it, so I picked out one of their house latakia blends, and puffed away happily on my way back to the hospital.