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Italian Kaywoodie

S.M. Frank owns the Kaywoodie name, but they no longer make Kaywoodie pipes. However, they have licensed some pipe maker in Italy to make "drugstore" grade pipes under the Kaywoodie name. This is one of those. This pipe was one of a lot of 2 which was the second thing I ever bought via eBay. At the time, I had no Kaywoodies, but wanted to get a couple for sentimental reasons. For several years I had been corresponding with an elderly gentleman who was mostly a cigarette smoker but also sometimes smoked a pipe, and his entire pipe collection consisted of two Kaywoodies (we met through our mutual adoration of author H.P. Lovecraft). I bought this set just to remember him by, although I never found out exactly which models of Kaywoodies he had.

This pipe doesn't look like much, but you may notice that it is one of the few straights I have. Straight pipes generally don't appeal to me, but I don't only keep this one for sentimental reasons. This pipe is fantastic when loaded with Cornell & Diehl's #063 Bayou Night. It took me a while to find the right tobacco for it. This is one of the two pipes I took with me during my short time as a truck driver, and I frequently smoked multiple bowls of #63 without even letting it cool down. It handled it all without any problems whatsoever. That's a good thing about screw stem pipes. You can take them apart while they're still warm without worrying about damaging the shank. This pipe has earned the distinction of being one of 2 pipes I have which are dedicated to Bayou Night, although on occasion I also have a bowl of Bayou Morning in it, if I'm in the mood for something lighter.