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Kaywoodie Author #31B

This is the newest addition to my collection, as of December 7, 2004. It came as part of a lot that I intended to refurbish and resell, but this one just spoke to me. I have always wanted an author shape. I did have one (part of another refurbishing lot), but after trying it out for a while I decided it wasn't the pipe for me. It was just a little too beefy. This one is scaled down, for an author, which is usually a fairly husky kind of pipe. This Kaywoodie cleaned up very nicely. The first time I tried to smoke it, I could barely draw air through it, so I had another go at the stem. Apparently I had missed a stray piece of fluff from a pipe cleaner and after working it out of the condensor attachment, it smoked wonderfully. I have so far smoked only Bayou Night and Bayou Morning in it, and I'm pretty sure this is going to be a Perique pipe. Now I just need to try some Escudo in it. This is one of the "Drinkless" models, which is just about the lowest you can get on the Kaywoodie totem pole, but it smokes so cool, it is just amazing.