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Kaywoodie Lovat #90

This is another recent addition to my collection. I once briefly had another Kaywoodie lovat in Super Grain, which really appealed to me, but it was part of a refurbishing lot and I sold it anyway (hey, I made about a 500% profit on it). I always regretted letting it go, and not long ago I saw this one on eBay. It's a Standard Grain, so technically it's not as good as the other one I had, but it's still a nice pipe and I really like the way it looks. I paid too much for it, especially since I had to refurbish it, but it cleaned up very nicely and I don't regret adding it to the rack. I'm still working out what kind of tobacco should go in it. I've mainly tried a few Perique mixtures but I think I'll have a go at some latakia pretty soon and see how it likes it. This is the only Kaywoodie that I have noticed that actually has the word "DRINKLESS" stamped on the shaft of the stinger.