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Italian Unknown Bent

I started pipe smoking before Internet access had become widely available, and I had a hard time finding sources of pipes and information. This pipe was purchased by mail order from a place called Blue Ridge Pipes or something like that, which I think was a front for Sparta Industries (makers of the infamous Dr. Grabow pipes). It is marked only with "Italy" and "Imported Briar" and it is not a bad little pipe. It is a smaller billiard (you may also notice that I tend to favor billiards). I keep it on hand to use on the rare occasion that I sample an aromatic. Lately the only tobacco I've smoked in it has been G.L. Pease's Barbary Coast. I'm careful with cleaning this one so that it doesn't absorb too much casing and influence the flavor of later smokes. I don't pick it up often, but it's always there when I need it.