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Sanity-threatening sights!!!

animated nightgaunt

There isn't a whole heck of a lot to this first picture. I slapped it together myself with an animated gif of the world turning and a small icon of Cthulhu. It was meant to be funny, and not artistic at all. I like to think I can write stories, but I'm completely worthless when it comes to visual art.

So if you dare, click here to see Great Cthulhu devour the Earth in 19 sanity-blasting colours!!! cthearth.gif

This next picture was scanned from a book about archeological discoveries. This is the mummy of Ramesses II, a pharaoh of Egypt who died in 1213 B.C. Just imagine, this guy died almost 3,000 years ago. What forgotten secrets of history would he know if he could speak to us today? A picture that may help set the mood for reading Imprisoned With The Pharaohs.

Click here to see Ramesses II.

The next picture isn't Lovecratian at all. I just thought the moon looked kind of eldritch, in a Texas sort of way: redmoon
Another animated gif! This one is (I hope) not as cheesy as the Cthulhu gif above, and I think looks quite nice. The silhouette of a night-gaunt glides silently beneath a gibbous moon. Click on night-gaunt. This gif has a transparent background, and it needs to be used with a dark web page background to look right (a silvery moon against a light background looks very bad). This is the same gif that is used at the top of this page.
This is what I do when I get bored. Below are four--yes, four--different buttons that anyone who wants to can use to link to this site if they believe this site is link-worthy.

The Shunned Site button 1 A brief yet explanatory animated button.

The Shunned Site button 2 A button featuring a tiny rendition of Michael J. Jones' portrait of Cthulhu.

The Shunned Site button 3 A simple text button with a sort of 3-dimensional rough texture.

The Shunned Site button 4 Just like #2 above but this time with the mummified face of Rameses II to show you the way.

The next picture is one I scanned a long time ago from a book that belongs to a friend of mine. I no longer seem to have the original scan, but this version is a modified one that I put together to use on this website. It is the same picture seen at the top of the "Comments" page. Click here to see Alhazred's Bookends.

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