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Following each title is a code showing other websites/e-zines or paper publications
in which these works have appeared. Explanations of the codes are:
Appearing on the WWW
IA -- The Innsmouth Archive
NS -- Nightscapes
MO -- Mythos Online

Paper Publications
AA -- Al-Azif
CC -- Cthulhu Cultus
DL -- Dark Legacy
WOGA -- When Old Gods Awaken

Information on purchasing these zines can be found at Ye Essential Links.

Nyarlathotep and Me -- An early tale about "Bob's" encounter with the Crawling Chaos. background (If you are unfamiliar with the "SubGenius Mythos," you may just want to skip it.)

Seafoam -- (NS#5, DL#1) background

Darker -- (NS#5, CC#12) background

Snake Oil -- (MO#7, AA Mar/Apr 98) background

Homecoming -- (MO#8,Imelod Autumn/Oct. 1998) background

The Caverns -- (DL#2) Winner of the Ron Shiflet's "Old West" Mythos contest. (See The Innsmouth Archive for other entries.) background Also included are a few photos of some of the scenery described in the story.

The Owls -- (NS#8) background

What Is Within You... -- (NS#9, DL#3) background

Lamentry -- (DL vol. 2 #1) background

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