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Though it may sound strange, one of the biggest influences on me, how I perceive life, perhaps what you might call my personal philosophy, is the absurdist humor of the group collectively known as Monty Python. I would never have considered this site complete without at least one picture of the late Graham Chapman, who appeared in many skits smoking a pipe, and in real life was a pipe smoker. This first picture is one of the earliest group publicity photos, taken (I think) sometime in 1969. Mr. Chapman is seated in the center, pipe in mouth, along with fellow Pythoners John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, and Eric Idle.

This shot, also with Mr. Chapman in the center, is from the "Twit of the Year Contest" skit. His character was named Oliver Slim Jim Mollusk, and he somehow managed to run over himself with the car.

This shot was taken in 1982 at the Hollywood Bowl, Mr. Chapman again in the center, surrounded by the other members of Monty Python, this time also including animator Terry Gilliam, to Chapman's immediate right.