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"...and that's the way it is."

Walter Cronkite (born November 4, 1916): journalist, newsman.

Born St. Joseph, Missouri, Walter Leland Cronkite started his illustrious journalism career as a correspondent for the Houston Post (he grew up in Houston). He later became a radio sports announcer and in 1937 began working for the United Press, where he remained for 11 years. During World War II, he was among the first newsmen to participate in the B-17 raids over Germany, and he flew with the 101st Airborne in the Netherlands. Cronkite joined CBS in 1950 and in 1962 began his long tenure with the Evening News, which in 1963 became network television's first half-hour weeknight news broadcast. The debut featured Cronkite's historic interview with President John F. Kennedy.

Mr. Cronkite is also an amateur radio operator, callsign KB2GSD.