After sailing from Antwerp on the ship "Nahant" on November 25, 1845, Nicolaus and Maria Treybig, with their four children, were shipwrecked near Torbay, England, on March 18, 1846, during a storm. They waited two months for passage on another ship, the "Timeleon," leaving England on May 5, 1846. While awaiting passage in England, the English Bible Society gave the Treybigs a Bible which is still in the family.
     They arrived at Galveston on August 18, 1846. Going inland, they settled near Shelby. The oldest son, Friedrich, married Katherine Wunderlich in 1859. Their first child, Karl (he was later called Charles), was born January 10, 1861, in a log cabin near his grandparent's home. Charles married Magdalena Bietendorf in Rutersville on December 15, 1892. Twelve children were born to this union, one dying in infancy. Over the years, they moved about quite a bit. They left Rutersville in 1904, moving to Nordheim where he farmed until 1908, then moving to Gillett.
     In 1915, they moved to Orange Grove; in 1923, to Casa Blanca; and finally, in 1930, to Poth. A daughter, Hilma Klaus, lived there at that time. Since times were hard and the last children had left to find work in the city, Charles quit farming in 1937. He and Magdalena moved to Stockdale. After a year or so, they went to San Antonio to be near their children. On November 24, 1945, Magdalena died and was buried at Roselawn Cemetery in San Antonio. Charles then went to live with his daughter, Frieda Moravits.
     In 1947 he moved back to Wilson County to live with his daughter, Hulda Sachtleben, in Floresville. In 1950 when his daughter, Mabel La Rue, moved there, he came to live with her until his death in 1959 at the age of 98. He was a quiet man; a wheelwright, farmer, and carpenter. He made several pieces of furniture that are still being used by the family today.
     Magdalena was born April 15, 1874, at Hofgeismar-Kassel, Germany. At age 3, she came to Texas with her brother and widowed mother. They landed at Indianola, going inland to Fayette County where they had relatives. Through the years, she made many pretty and useful quilts, and enjoyed visiting with the women who came to quilt.
     Both Charles and Magdalena had only a third grade education, yet were able to read, spell and do arithmetic as well as most high school students of today. In later years, they enjoyed reading and playing solitaire. They always had a nice vegetable garden and flowers in the yard, especially roses.
     Treybig descendants still remaining in Wilson County are: Bennie Treybig of Poth, Erna Washburn of Stockdale, and Mabel La Rue of Stockdale (children); Doris Koether of Poth (grandchild); Alan Peschke of Stockdale, Shelly Pooley of Stockdale, Karen Dzuik of Poth, and Rebecca Maun of Floresville (great-grandchildren); Jenny Maun of Floresville, Aaron Dzuik of Poth, and Dustin Dzuik of Poth (great- great-grandchildren).
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